INCORP, spol. s r.o.

For 20 years we have been providing our customers with complex services in real estate.

Incorp company stands for effective synergy of many years of tradition and experience with brave young blood and endurance.

Our company provides complex process in order to achieve your target in living and business.

We primarily focus on investments and real estate, but we are able to offer mortgage consultancy, expert reports and interior designs by our external partners. All our activities are under control of our legal department.

How our specialists work

  • We understand your needs,

    – analyse the situation,
    – set the target.

    Everyone has a different idea of living. One wants a 3-story house with 8 rooms in a quiet suburb, another one prefers smaller apartment in the city centre.

  • We select offers meeting your requests

    – communicate with clients,
    – select the best option.

    We at INCORP feel the diversity of our customers and treat every single one individually. Are you available only on weekends? No problem, we’ll see you on Saturday.

  • We facilitate the sale/rental

    – offer legal service,
    – advice and talk with customers.

    Our legal specialists help you understand rental agreement or sale contracts. We explain all your rights and duties so you can have the situation under your control.

  • We hand over the subject of sale/rental

    – bind it contractually,
    – and oversee the transaction itself.

    After closing the contract we personally show you the apartment or premises for the last time, make sure all details are cleared and hand over the keys. However, we continue working, because…

  • References

    – we collect recommendations
    – and you can contact us in the future as well.

    The satisfied customer is our target No. 1. We are available both during the rental and after the sale. Ask us anything, we are here to help!

Real estate

For 20 years we have been offering apartments and business premises for both sale and rental to our customers from every income group.

Investment company

We have invested in multiple projects in Slovakia together with our partmers.

Legal services

Our company can guarantee our superb legal service for more than 20 years also thanks to you, our customers.

Mortgage consultations

Get professional help with the selection of the best morgage that will suit your budget from our specialists.

Interior design

Our interior designes create places inspired by newest trends for even the most demanding customers.

Expert reports

We offer expert reports and valuation of premises with our mark of quality.